Super Nandro by C4 Pharmaceuticals (1ml / 400mg)


Name: Super Nandro 400
Manufacturer: C4 Pharmaceuticals
Contains: Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 200mg, Nandrolone Decanoate 200mg, Total 400mg Per 1ml

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What is Super Nandro 400mg?

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate or Super Nandro 400 is a popular anabolic steroids that has many similarities with Nandrolone Decanoate. It was innovated in the year 1950 and was introduced in the commercial market by Organon under the name of Durabolin. Soon after, the company decided to add DECA before its name and the drug became well-acknowledged as DECA DURABOLIN. It is one of those supplements that have gained immense recognition among the athletes or sports persons because it provides them the potential to enter into their optimal performing zones. Apart from this,Super Nandro 400 is also noted for providing individuals with a series of therapeutic benefits.

Why should you consult with a Doctor before taking C4 Super Nandro 400mg?

It is considered viable if patients seek professional guidance that is consult with a doctor before consuming or injecting this drug into their body. Talking to a reputed physician would surely not do any harm. He would systematically diagnose the patient and let him know if Nandro is safe for his body or not. Moreover, he could also mention the exact dosage. Recent studies have quite effectively manifested that by overusing or misusing this supplement, one would easily welcome certain unnecessary ailments that could seriously hamper or interfere with their well-being.

Want to know what these adverse reactions are? Take a close look at the points mentioned below:

Adverse Reactions caused by C4 Super Nandro 400mg

  1. This medication is known for triggering cardiovascular issues. Congestive heart failure is a common occurrence.
  2. Large doses of Super Nandro 400 or chronic administration could cause genitourinary. Such a condition decreases ejaculation in the male body. The men may suffer from an enlarged prostate gland that obstructs the normal flow of urine.
  3. Life-threatening hepatitis could also be caused by the overuse of this supplement. Slight liver dysfunctions along with the expansion of tumours are common.

Apart from the aforementione dreactions, females, who use the drug regularly, may suffer from acne, deepening of voice, virilization and menstrual irregularities.

Where can you get it?

On this website. Direct from the manufacturer with highly competitive pricing.


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