A Personal Note from us at SOUSA

We prioritize safety rigorously, and any concerns or side effects related to our products that raise questions about your health in the context of steroid use should prompt you to contact us immediately for guidance.

While we have detailed all the potential side effects of steroids below, it’s essential to consider them in the broader context of various drugs and their usage.

In the contemporary world, virtually everything we consume contains some form of drug, whether it’s a food coloring or a prescription from a doctor. All these substances carry negative side effects.

When approached with moderation and care, the effects of these substances can be minimal. However, all the relevant information is provided below, and if you happen to experience any side effects, we recommend discontinuing the product and reaching out to us for a resolution. In the unfortunate event of steroid addiction, we offer the option to blacklist users upon request. We strongly advise seeking the guidance of an expert for a structured recovery process.

Steroids Side Effects (Myths and Facts)

  • Natural Hormones: The body automatically regulates hormones to maintain homeostasis, ensuring a balanced state. When using steroids (depending on the type), the brain receives conflicting signals, leading to a temporary slowdown or cessation of natural testosterone production, which is artificially supplemented. Studies on individuals monitored for a year, with all hormone levels measured, showed that the effects were reversible and had no long-term impact.
  • Liver Damage: Contrary to media portrayals, liver damage is not a universal effect for all steroid users. Oral steroids typically pass through the liver, undergo breakdown by enzymes, and then enter the bloodstream. Elevated enzyme levels post-injection do not indicate liver damage, much like an increased heart rate after a run doesn’t damage the heart. After extensive testing, liver enzyme levels returned to normal within humans and rats, even with heavy oral steroid dosages. While there is a slight increase in liver activity, we recommend using milk thistle for extended steroid courses.
  • Cholesterol: Steroids may lower the good cholesterol that protects arteries by facilitating the passage of unused cholesterol through the liver. Some steroids prompt the body to produce more good cholesterol, while others maintain cholesterol levels similar to your current readings. After cycles, cholesterol levels typically return to normal within a few weeks. For personalized advice on cholesterol issues with steroids, feel free to contact us.
  • Gynocomastia (Breast Tissue in Males): Excess estrogen can lead to Gynocomastia or ‘man boobs.’ This is not a universal side effect, and the development process is gradual. If you experience nipple itching or pain, consider adjusting or stopping your current cycle. Counteract this effect by incorporating a post-course treatment (PCT) like Novladex or Clomiphene, usually included in PCT plans. For more specific information, reach out to us.
  • Acne and Anabolic Steroids: Increased sebaceous gland activity during steroid use can promote oilier skin, leading to acne. Regular skin cleaning and using anti-androgen products can mitigate this effect.
  • Roid Rage: Media sensationalizes “Roid Rage,” portraying users as the Hulk with any bad news. However, this is highly rare, with less than 5% of users experiencing significant symptoms of aggression, violence, or mania. Increased aggressiveness, if it occurs, is more likely in individuals predisposed to aggression, but it does not necessarily amplify existing aggression. If you notice any decline in mental health, we recommend immediately discontinuing your course and contacting us for advice.
  • Steroids and Baldness: Steroids may affect baldness in males with a family history, usually passed down from the mother’s side. Precautions such as Finasteride and Dutesteride can be taken to prevent premature balding caused by Dihydrotestosterone reacting with the scalp. The cosmetic effects are limited to the scalp and potential baldness, which can be avoided.
  • Heart Problems: Athletes and bodybuilders, regardless of steroid use, are linked to heart issues due to increased heart activity during peak performance. Monitoring your heart rate and avoiding overworking your heart is crucial. If you experience dizziness, blind spots, or lightheadedness, stop immediately, let your heart rate settle, and contact us for advice before resuming your workout.
  • Virilization (Male Traits in Women): Female steroid users may experience masculinization, with symptoms such as a deeper voice, body hair growth, and an enlarged clitoris. This side effect is reversible after steroid use. Long-term users can take measures like vocal scraping to prevent this effect. Contact us for more information.
  • High Blood Pressure: Aerobic/cardio workouts can raise blood pressure, so bodybuilders and steroid users should avoid these types of exercises. Standard bodybuilding and weightlifting are gentler on the heart and blood pressure. Monitoring your heart rate, with anything between 140/90 considered good, is advisable.
  • Kidney Problems: Some steroid users may notice darker urine due to the kidneys processing and filtering foreign agents. Trenbolone is one steroid more likely to cause this, but it can be alleviated by staying well-hydrated. Not all users will experience this issue, and some steroids are used to treat kidney problems.
  • Immune System: Introducing a new drug can impact the immune system. While some steroids may negatively affect the immune system, others are used to treat it. Nandrolone, for instance, has been found to enhance the survival rate and improve the quality of life for AIDS patients. Effects are proportional to dosage, and the relative impact depends on the steroid’s formulation.


    1. Heroin
    2. Cocaine
    3. Barbituates
    4. Street methadone
    5. Alcohol
    6. Ketamine
    7. Benzodiazepines
    8. Amphetamine
    9. Tobacco
    10. Buprenorphine
    11. Cannabis
    12. Solvents
    13. 4-MTA
    14. LSD
    15. Methylphenidate
    16. Anabolic steroids – Note: Paracetamol would rank higher!
    17. GHB
    18. Ecstasy
    19. Alykl nitrites
    20. Khat

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