Ensuring safety is our top priority, and we are committed to providing assistance throughout the process.

Before Injection:

  1. Needle Selection – Choose the appropriate needle size from the various options available to ensure effective administration.
  2. Drawing Air – Preliminary to drawing steroids into the syringe, draw at least an equal amount of air into the syringe as the anticipated volume of oil. While not mandatory, this step facilitates the subsequent stage and is often considered beneficial.
  3. Emptying the Air – Insert the needle into the oil (steroids) and push out all the air, enabling smooth oil extraction.
  4. Drawing the Oil – Pull back the syringe plunger until the desired amount of oil is obtained.
  5. Removing Air Bubbles – Once the oil is in the syringe, push the plunger forward while tapping the side of the syringe to eliminate any air bubbles. Some oil may escape, but this extra step ensures bubble-free injections.
  6. Disinfection – Identify the muscle for injection, disinfect the specific location using alcohol swabs for optimal hygiene.
  7. Plunging the Needle & Aspirating – After disinfecting, insert the needle into the designated location without injecting immediately. Once securely positioned, pull back the syringe plunger, a process known as aspirating. If blood is observed in the syringe during aspirating, withdraw the needle and select a new injection site.
If you have successfully completed steps 1-7 without encountering blood during step 7, you are now prepared to administer your steroids.
DO NOT Do not inject steroids intravenously (into a vein) or inject into your scrotum

Post Injection

  • Once all the oil has been injected, refrain from removing the needle immediately. Allow the needle to remain in place for approximately 20-30 seconds to ensure proper settling of the oil deep into the muscle.
  • Upon needle removal, take a clean cotton ball and position it directly over the injection site. Apply gentle pressure, holding the cotton ball in place for approximately 20-30 seconds.
  • After removing the cotton ball, perform a firm massage of the injected area for a few seconds. This ensures thorough dispersion of the oil deep into the muscle tissue.

Injection Locations

Muscle Group




Inject at the dead center of either head – 2 spots per bicep Generally suitable for small injections, can only accommodate small amounts of oil, and may be painful for some individuals.


Inject at the dead center of either head – 2 spots per calf Considered the most painful area to inject, leading to extreme soreness; usually unnecessary for 99% of individuals.


Inject at the dead center of all three heads – 3 spots per deltoid The lateral head is the easiest to inject and the most convenient spot, although the front or rear head is possible for some.


Inject 2 inches below the lower back, moving towards the hip approximately 2-3 inches – 1 spot per glute Considered the easiest and most convenient area to inject for most individuals.


Inject at the direct center of the head – 1 spot per lat Can hold a substantial amount of oil; challenging to do alone due to reaching around, but beneficial with assistance.


Inject at the upper inside, middle inside, lower outside – 3 spots per pectoral The lower outside area can be extremely painful; the upper inside is often more tolerable. Use only if new injection areas are needed frequently.


Inject at the direct center of either head – 2 spots per quad The lower head (tear drop) can be extremely painful and is not recommended for use.


Inject at the direct center of the head – 1 spot per trap No legitimate reason to inject this area; mentioned for informative purposes as it can be dangerous.


Inject at the dead center of all three heads – 3 spots per triceps The long head, located at the very back of the arm, is often the easiest to inject; the lateral head can also be used, while the medial head may be challenging and painful for most.
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