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Name: Ganabol 300
Manufacturer: C4 Pharmaceuticals
Contains: Boldenone Undecylenate 300mg/ml

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What is Ganabol 300?

Equipoise is one of those funny accidents that happen where a drug developed for one world, just happens to work in another. The two worlds that crossed here are equestrian and body building.

Buy Equipoise Online – Equipoise Origins

Equipoise (C4 Pharma Ganabol 300), one of the more popular performance-enhancing substances in the body-building world, actually had its origins in the world of horse training. Like body builders, horse trainers wanted a substance that would enhance their horses muscle mass and strength without other side effects. All things being equal, some body builders looked at the gains that were achieved for horses and, probably after discussing this drug with their trainers, couldn’t find any reason not to use it.

Equipoise then made the leap across the fence from the equestrian side of the paddock into the human arena with what are considered generally good results. The early literature suggests that the idea was to give body builders a longer-lasting and less harmful performance enhancer than Dianabol. It worked to good effect.

Buy Equipoise Online – Equipoise Has Benefits

Equipoise has benefits that few other performance-enhancers enjoy. For starters, Equipoise is made from the equine (horse) side of the performance world and is not a naturally made bodily chemical so the chances of other problems are greatly reduced. Equipoise – only a very mild testosterone-like drug (androgenic) – is easily tolerated by the body and has the added benefit of increasing the release of the enzyme erythorpoietin, considered responsible for creating red-blood cells. Equipoise actually increases the red blood cell count dramatically and since red blood cells hold the oxygen needed for performance, Equipoise has proven beneficial here.

Equipoise has another advantage – primarily to be used in the off-season when you are trying to bulk up – it increases your appetite and will, in turn, take the added body mass and, instead of turning it into fat, will turn it into the protein needed for body-building or body-sculpting. Indeed, Equipoise helps a body-builder to consume and process larger caloric intake, although it is still up to you to remember that you can’t go overboard with it either. You have to balance your calorie intake.

Buy Equipoise Online – Equipoise Cycling

Equipoise (C4 Pharma Ganabol 300), the literature on the subject states, that it is beneficial to any cycling regimen you may be on. The interesting feature is that Equipoise, no matter where you insert it in your cycling, won’t really result in any huge increase in size. You will find that the underlying protein that you need to build muscle upon is where the enhancement lies. For long-term use, this is exactly where you want your enhancer to be.

The benefits you will find from Equipoise are not in hugely massive gains – some builders do expect them and may be disappointed when they don’t turn into “The Incredible Hulk” – but in deep muscle tissue where the benefits of real strength training lie. Yes, bulk looks great on a body sculptor, but if you are trying to achieve a body-building goal where your ability to lift over the long term is enhanced, then this is your therapy of choice. Equipoise – also called EQ – helps to provide you with the condition you need to achieve maximum results.

Equipoise (C4 Pharma Ganabol 300) has another benefit that many builders seldom think about and that is when you are heading toward the off-season and you need a combination of appetite stimulation to maintain your basic strength, as well as a method of cutting back. During a cutback cycle, Equipoise helps you, as noted, to maintain hard-won muscle mass without excess. In other words, you retain the benefits of your body-building routines far longer than just standard bulking and cutting.

Where can you get it?

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